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Related article: Date : Fri, June 22, 2001 22 15th 26 -0000 From: Cliff Traynor u003ccliff6 hotmail. com u003e Subject : brother -in-law partial 4 This " Just Like Heaven " story deals with married men and oral sex. Cliff6 hotmail. com Trapped - Part 4 The trip was over too soon, and I said my farewell to all. felt kind of fun to drive home alone, while the other boys went back of his own city, but I have a good time, and could enjoy ride at night. On a lonely stretch of road, I found myself thinking of the cornea three of us to go up, that Nn Lolita Models hurt me hard. I decided to get my tail and pull my pants a little while driving. The first took my index finger and runs it on the tip of my penis collect all the milk before he had met. He picked it up and rubbed that on my lips, then licked it with her tongue. If I had to go to travel me, I've often found myself driving long stretches of highway with my matesck out, leans against the wheel. I caress them and the whole trip, and not cum... and not this time. has I wake up - and difficult - and fresh When I got home, I kissed my wife and kids hello, and after a good meal, there s fuck a big ole 'with my wife, thinking almost always passing of Steve. Anything! He got up, and I was almost two months later, a weekend visit, and planned to the home of Steve Karen. They made some simple reforms and offered to help. When we arrived, Steve and Karen were in the middle of painting, , and welcomed us into their old clothes and paint. The use of shorts and a T socks and running shoes. It was obvious that Steve was not wearing underwear and I wanted to get a hold of his penis again. We gave hugs n and kisses and made to work almost immediately. We decided to change first, and my wife noticed my erection very hard, and that was slipping in my old shorts without underwearr. " What led to all the n excited," he asked. We firmly embraced my hard cock against her body dressed and kissed for a few minutes when Steve broke into the room wonder why it takes so long. that sat Nn Lolita Models back in surprise, shook his tail in the air while apologizing. Then he said, then jumped out of the room laughing s, and joined him, " Perhaps, if the paint on the wall, his little friend ( nodding cola) can cause the window frames. ". For nearly two hours they were working in a room, scraping, sanding, and the paint, but it was fun to do with friends. When he finally took a break beer, we went and we sat facing each other. The "girl " walked through the garden, while Steve and I sat back, stretched his legs before they give our masculinity. I found myself slowly making it hard again, so I thought it would happen n and go. We walked to join the girls and began to the rest of the jobs that need to carry around. One of the clutter, a load of garbage in the truck to the landfill, plus the paint the construction of some shelves. Distribute the work 's shoulders, and ended that Steve and I were together most of the time. Once the four terms in the image space, we decided that ' dump " work. has been bloody hard work lifting the junk out of your home and garden, , but I felt good about it. According to the store, hopped on the loan truck and began our tour of the place smelled great. Immediately in the car, we felt free. I do not know if you've ever had male friends either gay / bi or straight, who are totally comfortable being naked - naked or only partially n before. But it did. I mean, things had taken a n a little farther than the eye, but it felt good to sit, legs, with my tail bag and go through the side of the pants - also him. We do all the work could have for the day, and whenback to his home, was a beautiful courtyard waiting hard for us - to take, but the good. After dinner, we talked, and the girls said they were tired, and went to bed. We stood outside and talked for a while, then went to the living room to watch TV, we were both tired, but we knew what would happen. Before he sat Steve began to drop their pants - but I looked first - " Do you agree with this - or too tired, " " Uh, I think I'm good - at least an idea before going to bed... "I was dressed, but sat there with his smelly shirt and turned on the tube. I have my self comfortable, and lay down on the couch next, with the head above his lap. He moved a little closer on the couch, and greeting my cola best friend with a few licks and sucks, and rubs. Playing a little - raised his furry bag, and rubbed his penis. It was nice and family, loved - I loved it - and laughed like a school boy thrusting his penis in my mouth and Nn Lolita Models held me there for a minute. then has n flyers to my hair and said, " I love you man". I found myself really tired and slept for a second, while s sucks. lifted his head from the chin, " Just a little tired - it's not true, or this, I am very tired," " Are you okay? " I said. "can then quit? " set my mouth on his penis again, and he began pumping his hand, and fuck my face gently. Her pubic was stimulants, and maintained his pocket with his left hand while I took my hand and pointed tail. was hard as a rock, but was not ready to get fast hard sex, so I n only pushed my crotch on the couch, while his cock in my mouth n. I started to ejaculate in my pants, and his sperm in seconds flowed into my mouth. I liked that cock came up to my mouth. I licked her fingers and clean his cock while he stretched his hands behind n the head. This is the last thing I remember until.... "What the hell is going on here..... ? N opened my eyes and realized Steve still soft penis in my mouth. We both had fallen asleep after we arrived we fallen so tired. wife of Steve ( my sister n! ) heard the cry and ran down the stairs. " Now is not that a pretty sight," he laughed. n We sat in two, and Steve did not even bother to get dressed. I wiped the saliva and all the seeds that clung to my lips. we were both speechless. then the burning questions of rigor. " How long will this go now? "" to be lovers.. ".... And so on and so forth, it was quiet, as s my wife asked in a whisper - "Do you like " I replied that I did with Steve , we have. decided to " take care" to the other, if we were desperate blow jobs, because the two of them feeds. were stunned. broke into the top... we cried... speak in n morning Steve and I looked at each other. " Fick. Shit. Fick. Damn it. Etc etc. Now n what? "" dream, "he said. We masettling into the couch and went to sleep. The next morning, smelled the coffee and muffins and the voice of my sister tenderly invites us to breakfast. " guys it clear - we want a discussion," he said in unison. " We had a long conversation and seek a good way to try to resolve this issue. First all, we are assuming that this has been for a while" ? We nodded. "and do this with a couple of guys, or just between you two" n? said. "It's something I wanted to try -.. occurred at night has announced its commitment I learned, I like, and I continued oral sex with him," " and is something that you think will transform into something else, I mean, n is asking us to remove or what? " Steve, if they had noticed a difference in their relationship, and said things are as good if not better than them. "We've known each other For most of our lives, and this only happens outside the blI admit ue , I had an experience at school, and liked it, but it's great that my best friend and brother - in accordance with this. I think we're bisexual? " " Well, believe it or not, we're not as angry as we thought. We want both is not known to perform fellatio, and I know you love us licking good ( we have results in the comparison), so I really agree with this, as the extent necessary not our sex life, unless you do a before the children, discreet and honest with us. We sat in silence. I moved my foot to foot under the table, Steve n and pushed him a little. We were surprised that she loved and accepted that even more. " Ah, yes - one more thing," said my wife.. "Sometimes, you may want to see, , but we're not prepared for that," Just keep quite for n, and o shit anal - ( we all laughed at the pun ). We shook our heads according...... and also..... Both want to play abouttime. " We laughed and hugged Nn Lolita Models for a long time -. the four of us, and then went s the day to continue our work At some point during the evening was refined a few lights. it just so happened that Steve was standing on the stairs - in short - -. n without underwear and penis hanging big and beautiful comfortably in your pocket , looked down and smiled, "always. if you want friend, you know where you are. " I climbed the ladder one rung, and use in the hand, leg of his pants and held his penis, he offered me, continued n her head. " I am a little more "(he moved a few steps on me completely) " Maybe you can tell me constantly with his head.. I am sure that You will find a way. "
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